Consilium Global Research (CGR) is the bridge between companies and investors. To improve our clients' market valuation, increase trading activity and lower cost of capital, we provide a thorough and objective company analysis, distributed throughout the institutional and retail investment communities, one-on-one meetings with targeted investors, and relevant advisory services.


Why Consilium Global Research?

  • Consilium Global Research (CGR) is the premiere investor recognition company that is uniquely qualified to offer the breadth of resources and capabilities to address the distinctive challenges that public companies face in today’s market environment.
  • The deep and diverse equity capital markets experience earned over multiple market cycles and across all sectors and in the key verticals of Research, Sales and Portfolio Management.
  • The CGR Research Product is a Fundamental / Bottom-up style that is insightful and unbiased.  Our Senior Research Analysts will drill down to identify each company’s unique quantitative and qualitative characteristics.  The Research Team will craft an equity story that addresses the key questions investors consider in making an investment decision.
  • The broad distribution of the research product via Thomson Reuters, Cap IQ, FactSet, Bloomberg, Yahoo, Google Finance & Social Media.  A targeted distribution to institutional investors by market cap, sector and style.  To address the retail market the research is delivered to approximately 4 million individual investors and over 4,000 broker dealers.
  • Our long-term relationships with the key decision makers at major institutions will give you access to some of the largest and most influential institutional money managers across the U.S.


Consilium (Latin) /koːn' v,   1. Plan: a specific project or definite purpose
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