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Consilium Global Research


A Research & Strategic Advisory Company that will raise your profile in the investment community and broaden your investor base.

Consilium Global Research (CGR) was founded to work with clients as a partner and help them achieve their long term objectives.  The CGR Research Product provides clients a clear and objective analysis of their company to increase investor recognition.  Through our Strategic Advisory Services CGR assists the leadership teams of organizations in making the best choices they can to improve the outcomes of their organization for the future. 

THE PROBLEM:  Public Companies with little or no research coverage have lower valuations, lower trading volumes, that ultimately leads to a higher cost of capital.

THE CGR SOLUTION:  Our business model is built upon four mutually – reinforced pillars.

I     Insightful Wall St. Research Coverage - Research that formulates an equity story that will resonate with the investment community (institutional and retail).

II    The Broadest Research Distribution Platform - Individual Investors, Institutional Investors, Investment Bankers and Broker Dealers.

III   A Dynamic Database of Interested Investors - based upon the FEEDBACK from the research distribution.

IV   Corporate Access - meeting with key decision makers at major institutions and high net worth retail groups.

The pillars were shaped by addressing the needs of companies operating in the public arena.


  • A highly regarded professional team that is known for their “Integrity” (a valuable commodity on Wall Street) and their results oriented approach who will work along-side you as a Partner to help you attain your company’s long term objectives.
  • A cost effective integrated approach that raises your profile in the investment community and expands your investor base.
  • Insightful research coverage that formulates a story that resonates with investors and the subsequent feed-back identifying investors with real interest in your company.  Thus your time is optimized and expenses are reduced because of the time spent presenting to people with little or no interest in your company is dramatically reduced.

Consilium Global Research bridges the gap between public companies and the investment community. 



Research + Roadshows = Recognition