Consilium Global Research (CGR) is the bridge between companies and investors. To improve our clients' market valuation, increase trading activity and lower cost of capital, we provide a thorough and objective company analysis, distributed throughout the institutional and retail investment communities, one-on-one meetings with targeted investors, and relevant advisory services.


Research & Distribution Services


Full Coverage (Public)
Full coverage consists of an initiation report, which will be updated annually, fiscal updates, and two non-deal road shows.  These services are detailed below and available individually.

  • Initiation Report – An extensive report that will include information on the company, industry, competitive posture, management, valuation, and comparables (comps). Proper comps are important, as they will link your company to publicly traded and covered peers to garner the greatest level of exposure.  
Your company will be assigned an experienced analyst (typically, at least 10 years industry experience with advanced degrees and proven writing skills) who will produce the initiation and quarterlies. Your report will be distributed FREE to the buy-side via Thomson Reuters (First Call), FactSet, Capital IQ, Zacks, Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, social media and the CGR Retail Network of over 4,000 broker dealers and approximately 4 million individual investors. In addition, you will benefit from access to our proprietary database and partner’s platforms.
  • Fiscal Updates – Updates will be created and distributed following your company’s fiscal reporting.  As with initiations, the reports will be distributed FREE to the buy-side via all platforms mentioned above.
  • Non-Deal Road Shows – Road shows will introduce your company’s management to investment decision makers at both large and small institutional money managers, hedge funds, and significant retail operations.  Meetings will take place in the investor’s offices or in our own conference rooms.  Before going out on the road, our senior management team will vet your presentation and prepare your team for buy-side Q&A.  Most importantly, your meetings will be targeted at investors who operate in your industry and market cap range.

Full Coverage (Private)
Full coverage consists of an initiation report (akin to a public initiation, including comparables and valuation) along with introductions to private equity and investment bankers, as appropriate.

  • Initiation Report - An extensive report that will include information on the company, industry, competitive posture, management, valuation, and comparables (comps).
  • Capital Introductions – We have extensive contacts in private equity and with high-net-worth investors; we can arrange meetings without the quid pro quo of an investment banking relationship.  We suggest this route prior to going public.
  • Banking Introductions – When your company is ready to go public, we can introduce you to bankers at reputable institutions through our extensive network of Wall Street contacts.  We will advise you on which banks are more interested in building relationships than generating a commission, as we have no pecuniary interest in the transaction and can act as a touchstone.

Industry Studies & Independent Appraisals
  • Industry Studies - CGR’s Industry Study is a concise, yet detailed analysis of an industry’s current state, including a review of the key participants, issues facing the industry, expert commentary (PMs, economists, academics) and how the industry is portrayed in the media.  The study will provide management with a sense of where the company stands within the broader picture of the industry and will highlight potential opportunities and risks at a macro-level.
  • Independent Appraisals - The challenging economic environment is encouraging many companies to seek growth, or monetize their years of building shareholder value, through acquisition or merger.  Determining the value of a company relative to its peer group is more than comparing valuation tables generated by a standard information source.  Our staff of seasoned industry analysts has considerable experience with corporate financial transactions and has the wherewithal to focus on essential metrics that drive valuation results.  A management considering an acquisition, or the management of a targeted company will find our services useful.  We provide expert advice on valuation for a simple fixed fee.


Consilium (Latin) /koːn' v,   3. Counsel: advice, opinion or instruction given in directing the judgement or conduct of another
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